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Traditional Mexican Green Enchiladas - Easy Home Recipe

Whoever has not tried some delicious green enchiladas, does not know Mexican food. At Cloc Food, we have prepared an easy but delicious recipe for green chicken enchiladas.

Discover how to make green enchiladas, a classic of Mexican cuisine.

Authentic Mexican Food.Green Enchiladas

There are many varieties of enchiladas in Mexico, it is considered one of the popular and favorite dishes throughout the country.

They are made with corn tortillas bathed in a sauce, it can be spicy or not, and they are mainly filled with chicken or some stew. Enchilada recipes vary depending on the region, but in general they are also usually accompanied with cream, fresh cheese, and onion. Sounds easy, right?


(Serves 4 people)

  • 840 gr (4 cans) of Herdez green sauce (mild)

  • 12 corn tortillas

  • 2 shredded chicken breasts

  • ½ cup of fresh cream

  • ½ onion

  • 2 spoon tables chopped coriander

  • ½ oil


1. Lightly fry the tortillas in the hot oil and drain.

2. Dip the tortillas in the heated sauce

3. Fill with the chicken and bathe with more heated sauce.

4. Garnish with cheese, cream, onion, and chopped cilantro.

Green enchiladas are a favorite on Mexican tables. Although there are also red ones, in Morita sauce, Swiss ... do you dare to try them all?

It is your turn to show off! Take a picture of your green enchiladas and tag us on Instagram @clocfood

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