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Authentic Mexican Food Served On a Dinner

Certified Local Food

Learn About Cloc Food, Online Latin American Food Shop in UAE

CLOC Food is a one-stop online food store specialized in delivering 100% original food products from different regions of the globe, eliminating borders, and bringing the world flavors to your home


We are committed to distributing original local products from each region of the globe in the UAE, complying with the highest quality standards that honor the different cuisines of the world

At Cloc Food we believe that good food is the basis of happiness, that is why we aim to create joyful experiences to share at home, connecting people with the culinary heritage of different cultures

by delivering exclusive food through our first world specialty food e-Market


More Than Just Food

Online Food Shop

specialty food e-market

One-Stop Shop for Authentic Latin American Food Products

Convenient, fast and free delivery in the UAE for orders above AED99.00.

We are committed to expanding our international assortment with the best food products.

Chef Cooking High Quality Food


We provide only the best food products that honor the gastronomy of each country.

Our assortment includes the best ingredients, often reserved only for Chefs and restaurants.

Serving Food To People in Need


We donate a % of our profits to NGOs dedicated to fighting hunger and preventing food waste.

We also use 100%, durable, recyclable, and eco-friendly paper bags for our deliveries.

We have a continuous motivation to reduce in any way we can our ecological footprint.

Eating Authentic Mexican Tacos



Discover other cultures through food.

Taste the real flavors that represent each country's gastronomy.

Authentic products sourced from Latin America.

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