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Origins of: Taco Gobernador

Flavour origin: Sinaloa, Mexico

The Gobernador tacos, of Mexican origin, have become internationally famous, causing many restaurants to include this delicacy in their menu, but did you know that they are a registered trademark?

Tacos gobernador. Mexican food in Dubai.

The history of these famous tacos dates back to 1987 when, the then governor of Sinaloa Francisco Labastida, planned a visit to Los Arcos restaurant in Mazatlán.

From the moment the owner, Eduardo Angulo, found out about the reservation, he began to think of ways to surprise the governor who was a recurring customer of the place. After thinking about it several times, he remembered a conversation in which Labastida told him that his wife prepared some tacos with mashed shrimp that were extremely good. Eduardo worked with the chef doing several tests until they found a large taco prepared with mashed shrimp, cheese, and a fried corn tortilla.

The governor arrived with his entire entourage, they enjoyed a great meal and when he asked the name of the tacos (which until then they did not have it), Eduardo quickly replied: “Tacos Gobernador” and at that moment a concept was born that would be replicated in all of Mexico and it would evolve by replacing the shrimp with smoked marlin, the corn tortilla with the flour tortilla and adapting to the taste of each diner.

So what is in the tacos gobernador? First, a combination of shrimp and cheese that makes them a mix between taco and quesadilla. A lot of cheese. Second, onion seasoned and accompanied by other vegetables such as bell peppers and sometimes poblano peppers. Third, the seasonings. Some versions have no sauce, just salt, and pepper. Others have a tomato sauce that can be simple or more elaborate. Lastly, they can use flour or corn tortillas.

There are many reasons why here at Cloc Food love these tacos. They're a complete meal, they're easy to make, they're delicious, and the cheese makes an irresistible crust as it melts. Also, they have a very interesting story behind them, and we love good stories.

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