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Origins of: Mexican style beer

Flavour origin: Mexico

The famous "Mexican style" beer or michelada, as it's called in Mexico, is the perfect mix between a beer and a soft drink, with lime, salt, lager, and garnishes. If you haven't tried it yet, beware, because once you try it, it will become your favorite drink.

Here at Cloc Food, we tell you the story of the origin of one of the most emblematic drinks in Mexico, and how to prepare the real Mexican style beer.

There are two very different stories about the origin of the michelada, the first with more legends, and the second, much more accurate, but less “anecdotal”.

The popular version of the origin of the michelada dates back to the 70s, specifically, in the city of San Luis de Potosí, in the central area of Mexico. There, at the local sports club, a member named Michel Ésper is said to have asked for a “spiced” beer every day: a blonde, salt, lemon, and ice. The refreshing mixture was accompanied by a straw. Since then, the famous drink ended up curdling among the inhabitants of San Luis de Potosí, who called it "Michel-ada"

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The other story comes from the United States, and dates back to the 1950s, when beers in both Europe and Mexico were drunk at room temperature, however, in the United States they began to be drunk with ice or chilled, calling them "chilled beers." The way to drink cold beer caught on in a Latin country like Mexico, which ended up dressing it to maintain that unique Mexican flavor.

In the end, the English word "chilled" ended up mutating to "chelada" or "my frozen chela", which has become known worldwide as a michelada.

The classic michelada recipe is much simpler than the current one. In fact, her little sister is called "chelada" and is a mixture of lemon, salt, and beer. But as good Mexicans, living up for their reputation, they had to end up creating a drink that conjugated the flavors of Mexico like no other, and thus the classic michelada recipe that is consumed today emerged.

Michelada recipe:

  • Ingredients: a lager, such as Corona or Modelo; the juice of two limes; a teaspoon of Tabasco or any hot sauce and a half of Worcestershire sauce or Perrins; ground salt and chili to taste; ice and a pint glass.

  • Preparation: rub one of the limes along the edge of the pint glass and soak it in chili and salt, creating a delicious crust. Once it is ready, add the lime juice, the sauces, and the ice to the glass. It ends up splashing with beer and enjoy.

Chelada recipe:

  • Ingredients: a lager beer, the juice of two limes, salt, ice, and a pint glass.

  • Preparation: the crust is created in the glass, but without chili peppers, and the rest of the ingredients are added to the glass.

Thanks to the acidity that lemon or lime gives to it, it is perfect to compensate with fatty foods. In addition, it is also a salty and spicy drink, which combines perfectly with any typical Mexican and even Asian dishes. Seafood, fish, and even sweets go well with a drink like a michelada.

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