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Origins of: Fish & chips

Flavour origin: England

Do you know what is the origin of the traditional “fish and chips” dish in England? The dish, known worldwide as “fish and chips”, was served for the first time in 1860.

Several historians claim that two families were responsible for bringing this culinary tradition to the world. The Malin family from London and the Lee family from Mossley, near Manchester, they were the first to lay the foundations for this dish. It is important to clarify that fried fish was first introduced to London by Jewish immigrants who came from Portugal and Spain.

Fish and chips became very famous in the UK during World War II. The main reason was that fish was one of the few foods that were not rationed. In this way, people got used to eating it and appreciating it.

Today you can find this dish on many menus in different parts of the world, with recipes by renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay.

Fish and chips at Cloc Food

As its name implies, the main ingredient is fish, it should be noted that the most popular and traditional is cod, cut into pieces, which are breaded and fried until they are very crisp, and are served with french fries.

Fish can also be served with buttered green pea puree and a hint of mint leaves. The sauces that can accompany this dish are tartar, mayonnaise, curry, Worcestershire sauce, or with bits of lemon. There are those who spray it with malt vinegar, while some English chefs, like Jamie Oliver, prepare it in the oven.

Experts recommend that you accompany this delicious dish with a beer.

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