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Mexican Sopes Recipe

The sopes are the most popular street food antojito (appetizer), they are a type of thick tortilla, made of corn and lard, which once it has been cooked, the edges are pinched so that the ingredients that are placed on it do not spill.

There are many ways to prepare them according to the region of the country, and the personal touch of the person preparing them. In some parts they prepare them in a round shape; in others, oval; small or big, etc.

Mexican Street Food Sopes

Sopes are very common for dinner, although they are also eaten for breakfast. Personally, we think that the time doesn't matter.. they are so yummy that you can have them at any time. Let's take a look at the recipe:


(Serves 10)

To prepare the dough:

To serve as filing:

  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil or lard

  • 1 cup of refried beans

  • 1 ½ cups shredded beef or chicken - optional

  • 2 cups of finely chopped lettuce

  • ½ cup fresh cream

  • ½ cup of cotija cheese crumbled

  • ¼ cup finely chopped white onion

  • Red or green sauce to taste


  1. Mix the corn flour with the warm water in a medium bowl and knead until it is very well integrated. If necessary, add more water, but little by little, one tablespoon at a time, until the dough is soft and very manageable. Cover the dough with a damp cloth napkin to prevent it from drying out.

  2. Divide the dough into 10 equal-sized balls and cover them again with a kitchen napkin.

  3. Heat the skillet to medium-high temperature.

  4. Place a ball of dough between 2 pieces of plastic and gently press to make the tortilla (you can use a refractory plate or pie mold).

  5. Pick up the tortilla holding the bottom plastic wrap and flip the tortilla over so it rests in the palm of your hand (part of the tortilla should cover your hand and part should hang from it).

  6. Place the tortilla on the hot skillet. Within a minute, flip the sope over to cook the other side. (Don't let it cook too long because the dough will dry out). Flip back to cook for another minute.

  7. Give the last flip which will be approximately 20-30 seconds of cooking. Remove the sope from the skillet with the help of a stick and place it on a kitchen napkin to keep it warm.

  8. Let it cool for only about 45 seconds and then start to form the edge by pinching the edges with your fingers. Return the sope to the napkin, and continue cooking the rest.

  9. Heat the oil or lard in a pan, place the sopes and lightly fry them for 30 seconds on each side. Remove the sopes from the pan and place them on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb excess fat.

  10. Finally, add the beans, the meat of your choice, the lettuce, and any other ingredient that you have selected as a filling or garnish. Serve them with sauce to your liking.

Extra Tip: Make sure to add your special touch to this recipe. There's not a strict rule on which fillings to use, the most simple way (still delicious) to serve sopes is only with refried beans, cream, and cheese.

Did you like this recipe? Let us know how it goes with these delicious antojitos, take a picture, and tag us on Instagram @clocfood

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