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Panela Cheese 200gr

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Product Details
Brand: Meshico
Product Info: 1 pack with 200gr
Ingredients: Cultured pasteurized grade a milk and skim milk, sea salt and enzymes. contains milk.
Panela is a white fresh and smooth cheese, has its roots from central Mexico. Ranchers would strain the Queso in hand-woven baskets, hence the signature basket-weave pattern visible along its outer edges.
The curds give a slight squeak upon the first bite and the texture is a cross between a firm ricotta and halloumi.

Panela slices and crumbles easily and is best enjoyed while still moist and fresh or pan seared as a snack. Its creamy but slightly tangy flavor can be enjoyed with sweet berry compotes, traditional guava paste and as a crumbled topping to savory dishes.

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