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Oaxaca Cheese La Villita 200gr

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Product Details
Brand: La Villita
Product Info: 1 pack with 200gr
Ingredients: Cultured pasteurized grade a milk and skim milk, sea salt and enzymes. contains milk.
Created long ago in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, for which it’s named. Belonging to the mozzarella family, it is a semisoft, white, artisan cheese made from cow’s milk.

Oaxaca cheese has a mellow, earthy flavor and is similar to an American String cheese or Mozzarella, though more buttery with a far superior “melt."

Shredded, it can top refried beans, tostadas, and soups. Sliced, it melts wonderfully for quesadillas or served with chile de agua. Small 1-inch pieces are often eaten as snacks and enjoyed with a drink.

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