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Fresh Epazote / Mexican Tea 100gr

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Product Details
Brand: Cachito de Meshico
Product Info: 1 pack with 100gr
Ingredients: Fresh Epazote

Epazote, a fine aromatic herb from Mexico, is used in a great variety of dishes. Epazote is the preferred herb for adding a deep and very aromatic flavor to different dishes, like Frijoles de Olla (“Pot Beans”), Quesadillas, Esquites, Chilaquiles, and Soups. Since this is a delicate herb, it is often added near the end of the cooking process whenever it is used.

The leaves of Epazote have a scent that is like turpentine or creosote. The flavor of Epazote is citrus, savory, and minty.

Some people also use epazote to make tea, as it is believed to help regulate digestion, relieve stomach cramps, and even fight intestinal parasites.

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