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12 Mexican Corn Tortillas 22gr each

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SKU: MG0058
Brand: Cachito de Meshico
Group: Tortillas
Product Info: 1 pack with 20 Mexican corn tortillas. 440gr (22gr each), No conservatives
Ingredients: Mexican Corn Flour

12 tortillas made with Mexican Corn Flour. Fresh to your door for the real Mexican flavor.

Ideal size to prepare all kinds of hard and soft tacos and the traditional Mexican enchiladas.

Enjoy a Mexican dinner as if you were in Mexico, delight yourself with some of the most authentic dishes of Mexican cuisine:

  • Tacos (shrimp, chicken, beef, vegetarian)
  • Quesadillas (enjoy them with a traditional Mexican cheese)
  • Enchiladas
  • Enmoladas
  • Tacos dorados (Fried Tacos)
  • Tostadas

And more, the posibilites are endless.

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Corn Tortillas Made Without Conservatives.

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