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Sliced Panela Cheese 300gr

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Product Details
Brand: FUD
Product Info: 1 pack with 300gr
Ingredients: Grade A pasteurized milk, salt, and enzymes

Panela cheese, also known as Mexican basket Cheese, is a fresh and unaged Mexican cheese that is widely enjoyed for its mild and slightly tangy flavor and smooth, creamy texture. It is a versatile cheese that can be used in a variety of culinary applications.

Panela cheese is typically made from cow's milk and has a pale white color. It is often formed into a round shape and is available in various sizes. The cheese has a firm yet tender consistency that allows it to hold its shape when sliced, grilled, or pan-fried.

One of the distinctive features of panela cheese is its ability to hold its form without melting completely when exposed to heat. This makes it a popular choice for grilling or frying, as it develops a golden-brown crust while maintaining its creamy interior.

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