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Green Mole Paste 227gr

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SKU: SP0006
Brand: El Mexicano
Group: Sauces & Condiments
Product Info: 1 jar with 227gr
Ingredients: Soybean flour, soybean oil, corn flour, cookies, wheat flour sugar, hydrogenated palm oil, invert sugar, iodized salt, leavening agents, soy lechitin, pumpkin seed, vegetable shortening, sesame seed, iodized salt, hydrogenated triglycerids.

Mole verde is a type of mole of the cuisine of Mexico. The main ingredients are pumpkin seeds and green chile, which bring the color. Mole verde, also known as Pipián or Pipian Verde is very different from the darker moles, since green mole is made exclusively with fresh ingredients.

Add it to chicken, eggs, enchiladas, tamales, rice or refried beans.

Directions: Add 3 equal portions of chicken broth or water for each portion of El Mexicano Mole Verde; place it over a low flame to a boiling point, stirring to avoid burning.

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