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Authentic Latin American Food Products In The UAE

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Cajeta Dulce De Leche Goat's Milk 660gr

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Product Details
SKU: MH0013
Brand: Coronado
Group: Confectionery & Snacks
Product Info: 1 bottle with 660gr
Ingredients: Goat Milk, corn syrup, sugar, sodium bicarbonate and potassium sorbate. Contains Milk

Cajeta quemada, plain or regular, also known as dulce de leche, caramel topping or manjar, is perfect for authentic Mexican desserts.

Cajeta is a thick, dark syrup or paste made from caramelized sugar and milk — traditionally goat's milk, although cow's milk is often used, and then it's called DULCE DE LECHE.

Cajeta can be found in several flavors (primarily caramel or quemada (plain), vanilla and wine flavor). It's used in Mexico and in some South American countries primarily as a dessert by itself or as a topping for ice cream or fruit.

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