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Origins of: Coconut rice

Flavour origin: Colombia

Colombians, especially those from the coast, enjoy rice dishes with a sweet touch. There are several ways to prepare it, but one of the best known is this recipe for salted coconut rice. Without a doubt, one of the most representative dishes of the Caribbean coast.

Colombian food at cloc food

Unlike rice and coconut dishes that are prepared in other Latin American countries and that are consumed as a dessert, Colombian is a companion to savory dishes such as fried fish and patacones.

There is no clear history of its origin. But, it can be said that this recipe comes from the culinary mixtures of African, indigenous, and Spanish. Coconut is a flagship tropical fruit of the Caribbean and Pacific zone. Therefore, it is one of the most used ingredients in the cuisine of these regions.

There are two ways to prepare it, both with fresh coconut, the difference is that the result of the first is white rice with coconut and the second is black coconut rice. The latter has the presence of the famous titotés, which are basically solid coconut that occurs when the milk evaporates; during preparation, it takes on a brown hue.

The traditional Caribbean recipe has been transferred to almost all regions of the country and many times the ingredients vary to give it their own touch, for example, in some areas raisins and Coca-Cola are added. Regardless of the variety of extra ingredients, we are sure that you will be delighted with the amazing coastal gastronomy of Colombia.

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